Computed Axial Tomography (CT or CAT scan) is a method of looking inside your body using radiation and a special camera. Using advanced computer imaging and specially trained radiologists and technologists, images are acquired showing internal body parts in much greater detail then standard x-rays.

With our new and advanced CT scanner, scans are faster, detailed information is obtained immediately for viewing and diagnosis, and patients are exposed to 40% less radiation.

Preparation for a CT Scan:

  • Avoid wearing clothing with zippers and snaps.
  • An abdomen CT requires three (3) hours of fasting and may require drinking an oral contrast..
  • If you are pregnant, have an iodine allergy or kidney problems, please notify us.
CT Scan

In addition to routine CT scans, we also offer:

  • Total body scanning in 58 seconds.
  • Imaging of the arteries of the heart to evaluate potential heart disease (CACS).
  • Lung screening to determine lung disease especially in those who smoke.

Where Your Image... Is Our Focus

Our state of the art equipment offers faster scanning times and superior image quality. You will be treated by a dedicated, experienced and caring professional staff who are committed to providing you with the highest quality of patient care.